Contents Page – September 2007

Letter from Marilyn

In the News:

Quick Tip: Folic acid reduces your risk of stroke

This month’s nutritional spotlight: Bananas

Quick Tip: slow down when you eat to lose weight

Small Changes: Big Weight Loss

Osteoporosis: How vitamin K can keep your bones strong

Aromatherapy: the sweet way to boost your fertility

Get cracking: The health benefits of nuts

Ten years younger: How to beat common wrinkle accelerators

Healthy Words: Real Health

The True Power of Good Nutrition – Case Study September 2007

Black Cohosh and menopause: your questions answered

Coping with empty nest syndrome without reaching for the biscuit tin

Quick Tip: Don’t hit the snooze button

Natural fixes for perimenopausal menstrual irregularities

How safe is the water you drink? Tap vs. bottled.

Quick Tip: Help for ulcers

Some non chemical bathroom products

Quick Tip: Friendship is better than money

Quick Tip: Another reason not to Yo-Yo diet

Ask Marilyn:

Ingredient Spotlight: Agar

Monthly Meal Idea: Fruit jelly

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