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Friday, August 1st, 2008

– Letter from Marilyn – August 2008

In the News: recent progress in the world of health

Menopause supplement spotlight

  • Vitamin C

– Summer fat burners

  • Summertime eating and exercise

Quick Tip: Know your onions

  • Reduce your risk of heart disease

Deep breathing

  • Improve your health simply by learning to breathe properly


  • The benefits for fertility

Quick Tip: Ease period pain …

  • … with Chinese herbs

– Indulge yourself with Summer Fruits

  • Make the most of the fruits over summer

Case Study – August 2008

  • Hayfever

Raspberry leaf

  • Discovering herbs: Raspberry leaf

24 hour summer detox

  • Marilyn’s 24 hour summer detox

Quick Tip: steam your veg

  • 21% – the amount of vitamin C lost when you cook broccoli


  • Grab a duster and whistle while you work


  • Get to know your cholesterol

Quick Tip: Chill out

  • Reduce stress and learn to relax

– Ask Marilyn:

Ingredient Spotlight:

  • Beetroot – the health benefits

Monthly Meal Idea:

  • Beetroot Salad

Coming Next Month (September 2008)

Letter from Marilyn – August 2008

Friday, August 1st, 2008

MarilynDear Readers,


I do hope you are enjoying Natural News and the aim is to keep giving you a good variety of articles and news.  If there is something particular you would like to know about then do contact me as I am happy to include topics of specific interest.


In this issue of Natural News, there is a really easy to follow 24 hour summer detox, which can be useful if you have been overdoing things while on holiday.  There is an article on breathing because this is something we all do, every minute of every day and yet very rarely think about it and it is so important that we breathe correctly.  There is information on vitamin C because everybody knows about its immune benefits but there is a lot more to this water soluble vitamin than just that.


One of the articles covers cholesterol and although we don’t want too much of it, we also don’t want too little because it has certain functions.   For instance, our sex hormones are synthesized from cholesterol and it a major component of the membrane that surrounds every cell.  So as always with Nature we are aiming for a balance.


Hope you are enjoying the summer months and the wonderful variety of fruits and vegetables around at this time of the year.


Kind regards




Marilyn Glenville

Coming Next Month (September 2008)

Friday, August 1st, 2008

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