Letter from Marilyn (April 2009)

Dear Readers


Welcome to the April issue of Natural News and only a few months now before summer is upon us. 


This issue has a number of interesting articles, including one on which plants to choose to reduce the pollution exposure in your homes. Plants can absorb a number of harmful substances and chemical compounds in the air, so use them to your advantage and make your house full of greenery.


Natural ways to treat cystitis are also covered in this issue of Natural News. It is a condition that affects many women and they want to know how to treat and prevent it naturally, instead of having to take repeated courses of antibiotics.


There is also an interesting Star Letter this month on cholesterol.  I see a number of patients who are confused about cholesterol and fat – and also want to know natural ways to lower their cholesterol and LDL (‘bad’ cholesterol) as they may have been told that if the cholesterol does not come down then they have to go on statins.  Statins, as with any drug, carry side effects, and these can include muscle pain, tenderness and cramps. 

Kind regards


Marilyn Glenville


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