Letter from Marilyn (May 2009)

Dear Readers


We are now into the month of May and as my mother used to say ‘don’t cast a clout until May is out’, but hopefully we will have some warm days this month and be able to take off a few layers of clothing.

This issue of Natural News is packed with many interesting articles, which I hope you will enjoy.  Particularly the one entitled ‘Feeding your Face’, as I firmly believe that beauty starts from within and that what we feed ourselves can help slow down the ageing process – or speed it up – depending on how we eat.

The Star Question continues from last month looking at how we can control cholesterol with diet etc. Evidence is emerging that it is just as bad to have too low cholesterol levels as it is to have them too high, and statins can cause extremely low levels of cholesterol. It is also one of those drugs that once you start them you are likely to be on them for the rest of your life, so if you can use nutrition to bring your cholesterol down to a healthy level then this is going to be better for you in the long term and you are not risking the side effects of a drug.


Kind regards


Marilyn Glenville




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