Letter from Marilyn (July 2009)

Dear Readers


Welcome to this issue of Natural News and I hope you are enjoying the summer months. I have included an article in this issue on having a healthy summer because when we’re outside much more, and having food that may be sitting in hot weather, we need to take a few precautions to keep ourselves well. 

Also there are two articles on hygiene, which on first sight may seem a little contradictory – it’s important to keep areas of our environment clean but there are also problems if we’re too hygienic. It’s getting the balance that is important.

Research has shown that children brought up on farms and those in families with older siblings are less susceptible to allergies. It is thought that the more exposure the body gets to naturally occurring substances, the stronger it becomes in coping with allergens.

I would suggest that you follow the tips on healthy hygiene, but don’t go overboard on all these antibacterial sprays and other chemically laden cleaners and detergents as the more natural ones do the trick just as well. 

There is also a lovely recipe for roasted peppers, which can be served either hot or cold so ideal for summer dining.


Kind regards


Marilyn Glenville




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