We’re still working on the Online version of Natural News for Women – we’d like to make it both easy to use and easy to read.

If you do have any suggestions, comments, or features that you’d like to see please let us know. The easiest way is to send an email to

Here are some answers to questions other people have asked:

Q: How can I print each issue?

A: At the moment you can’t just click a button and print a whole issue (though we are looking to set this up). Each screen usually has 3 articles on it so you can print 3 articles at at time by using the print button in your Internet Explorer. Then if you click the ‘next 3 articles’ at the bottom of the screen you can print that page and so on.

Q: How do I use this website?

A: The main way to read the articles is from the contents page each month. When you click on an article title (underlined in blue) a new window will open with that article in it. Once you’ve read it you can close that window and select another article from the contents page.

You can also use the categories down the right hand side to read the articles. Click on one of the category names (e.g. Ask Marilyn) and you’ll get to all the articles in that category (3 per page).

Or use the search box to find articles related to what you’re looking for. To select one of the results click on the article title. (Yes, we think the search function can be better too – it should show more than 3 results per page and should give you a snippet of each article – we’re working on this too!).