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Monday, September 1st, 2008

– Letter from Marilyn – September 2008

In the News: recent progress in the world of health


  • How to sail thorough the menopause

– Middle age spread

  • How to tackle your waistline


  • It’s so easy to avoid

Quick Tip: Stop the pop

  • Drinking fizzy drinks could give you gout

Case Study – September 2008

  • Multiple miscarriages


  • How to cut the risks in 6 easy steps

– Quick Tip: Fill up on soup

  • And lose more weight


  • The basics of preconception

Outwitting osteoporosis

  • Calcium and magnesium supplements

House plants

  • Protect your home with house plants

– Ask Marilyn:

Ingredient Spotlight:

  • Coconut – the health benefits

Monthly Meal Idea:

  • Fruit and nut cookies

Coming Next Month (October 2008)

Letter from Marilyn – September 2008

Monday, September 1st, 2008

MarilynDear Readers,

Welcome to this issue of Natural News. This month there is an article on cutting cancer risk.  It is something that affects us all or those closest to us at some point in our lives so it is important to know what we can do to reduce the risk, especially if you have a strong family history of this illness.  Osteoporosis is also covered and why we need both calcium and magnesium for strong healthy bones.


One of the articles covers middle age spread and I wanted to share with you an email I received recently.

‘I just wanted to let you know that I have been following your Fat around the Middle plan for two weeks and have already lost weight and inches off my belly. 

I am 41 years old and have had an early menopause at the age of 29 and was feeling large and uncomfortable at 11 stone, I also have a very stressful job but I have been doing weights and yoga on alternative nights and generally trying to be calm!! I have even had a glass or two of wine!! I just wanted to say thank you so much for your book.  I intend to keep going for the next three months and hope to be lighter and flatter by the time I am 42.

An added side effect for me – and this may sound odd- but I have noticed a reduction in facial hair as I have only been drinking peppermint or spearmint tea since I started in May.  I have seen articles in magazines on this before; in Middle Eastern countries where lots of mint tea is drunk, the women are less hairy!!  And having been through an early menopause I did get quite fluffy around the lip and chin and resorted to waxing, which I had never done in my life so the benefits of this diet seem endless!’

I thought this last paragraph was interesting and thought it might be a useful tip for all women and wondered whether any other women had noticed this effect.  Do let me know. 


Kind regards,


Marilyn Glenville

Coming Next Month (October 2008)

Monday, September 1st, 2008

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