Contents Page – April 2007

Letter from Marilyn

In the News: recent progress from the world of health

Quick Tip: Peanut butter 

The super herbs your body really needs

Mid life waist gain and how you can shift it

  • a battle plan to help you regain a youthful shape

Quick Tip: Get in the pink

  • Pink grapefruit provides plenty of fibre

Exercises to tone your tummy

The real reasons you can’t sleep

  • A good night’s sleep is vital for your health and wellbeing

Quick Tip: Avoid that afternoon slump

  • Choose the right snacks to keep you going

Spring clean your life: How to beat your stress triggers

  • Anti-anxiety foods and tips to refresh your body and mind

Spring clean your mind

Healthy Words

  • This month’s inspiring quote

The true power of good nutrition: Case studies from the clinic

  • How Brenda’s severe eczema improved tremendously

Five ways Acupuncture may boost fertility

  • A promising treatment for infertility

How to make sure you eat enough fruit and vegetables

  • Five-a day is an achievable target with these tips

Food for thought

  • Eat the right foods and boost your brain power

How much is too much: your guide to portion size

  • How to pick sensible portion sizes

Walking workout plan

  • Your four-week plan to establish a healthy routine

Quick tip: Think twice!

  • Why you should check the calories in your cappuccino

Ask Marilyn:

Ingredient spotlight: Apple cider vinegar

  • A traditional remedy for arthritis and many other ailments

Monthly meal idea: Sweet and sour sauce

  • Use to make stir-frys, vegetables or rice more interesting

Coming next month (May 2007)

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