Letter from Marilyn – April 2007

MarilynDear Reader,

We are now coming into a wonderful part of the year with lighter days and warmer weather and time also to think about having a spring clean with our diet and lifestyle as well.

Many women know that their diet needs an overhaul but don’t know where to start. Making small changes each day can make huge differences in how you feel physically and mentally. The article in this edition of Natural News on increasing your fruit and vegetable intake is important (How to make sure you eat enough fruit and vegetables) and can be such an easy thing to incorporate in your life and that of your family.

You are not only adding in more vital vitamins and minerals but also making your diet more alkaline which is known to be helpful for the prevention of osteoporosis as the more acidic the diet, the more calcium is leached from the bones. Studies in test tubes have shown that cancer cells grow faster in an acidic solution but this has not yet been confirmed in studies on humans. But having more fruit and vegetables will increase your antioxidant levels which are known to help prevent DNA damage.

With the warmer weather, try and get out in the sun as new research has shown that having good levels of vitamin D can have a remarkable effect on prevention of cancer. It has been known for many years that vitamin D is important for bone health as it is needed for the absorption of calcium. Now the research has gone further, as it has been suggested that vitamin D could halve the risk of developing cancer and a study in the American Journal of Public Health in 2006 stated that ‘vitamin D supplementation could reduce cancer incidence and mortality at low cost, with few or no adverse effects’. So make sure you get some exposure to the sun without sunscreen and look at your cosmetics as nowadays moisturisers and make up can have in-built sun protection factors which will interfere with the production of vitamin D.

Hope you enjoy this issue of Natural News.

Kind regards,

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