Ask Marilyn: dry, itchy skin on face & hands?

Ask MarilynQ: I keep getting dry, itchy and sore skin on my face, around my lips and on my hands. What can I do?

A: You need to rehydrate your skin and keep it that way. Use moisturisers containing cocoa or shea butter which are great for use on the hands and elbows. Always use a lip balm containing soothing aloe vera, apply calendula cream to painful areas and keep yourself hydrated with six large glasses of water a day.

You might be reacting to something you are eating so keep a diary to see if there is a food trigger. You can also do a mini detox over two weeks by avoiding wheat, dairy, alcohol, sugar and caffeine and adding in the herb milk thistle to improve liver function. Adding in a good Omega 3 oil supplement like fish oil, not cod liver oil, could be really helpful as the dryness could be an indication of an essential fatty acid deficiency.

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