Ask Marilyn – Supplements for Candidiasis?

Q: I was recently diagnosed with candidiasis and I’m finding it very hard to follow the prescribed diet. I was told that I could take supplements instead. Is this true and which ones?


A: Candidiasis is the result of having a proliferation of the naturally occurring yeast, candida albicans and the first line of treatment is to restrict the intake of sugar from refined carbohydrates to starve the organism.


It can certainly be treated with supplements but they need to go alongside the dietary recommendations.  If you continue to feed the yeast overgrowth with a diet rich in sugar, this will significantly impair the effectiveness of any supplements to kill the organism more directly. It is important to kill the candida both in the intestines and in the blood.


To have a simple test for Candida overgrowth (candidiasis) by post see the Resources page and if you do have a proliferation of candida you will be given full details of how to eliminate it, what diet to follow and what supplements to take. 

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