Ask Marilyn – how long can I take agnus castus?

Q: Please could you tell me if there’s a limit on the amount of time I should use Agnus castus for my irregular periods?


A: Agnus castus is the herb I typically recommend for menstrual irregularity as studies have shown it can help balance hormones and encourage regularity. Take it regularly over three to six months and your periods should become more regular.  Once they are regular you would take a break from the herb and see if your cycle remains regular, which is what you are aiming to happen.  If the symptoms return then take it again until they go, then try again without it. The idea is that your hormones will remain in balance once they’ve been put right, but some people are very prone to imbalance and so need to take further courses. There is no ill effect from taking it long term, but I obviously prefer you not to be taking it if you don’t need it. 

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