Quick Tip: Soft drinks can damage your bones

To reduce your risk of osteoporosis cut down on soft drinks. Soft drinks are high in phosphoric acid and sugar, making these drinks highly acidic. Calcium is the main mineral the body uses to neutralise that acid. Phosphoric acid depletes calcium levels by causing it to be pulled from the bones. Calcium is excreted out of the body via urine when this happens, and this lowers blood calcium levels. To remedy this, the parathyroid gland restores calcium balance in the blood by pulling even more calcium from your bones. It’s a downward spiral. Soft drinks aren’t the only culprits. A diet high in red meat and caffeine, with few vegetables and fruits (which are alkaline, even the citrus fruits, once they’re digested) will be highly acidic, causing the body to utilise calcium to neutralise the acid.

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