Contents Page – September 2008

– Letter from Marilyn – September 2008

In the News: recent progress in the world of health


  • How to sail thorough the menopause

– Middle age spread

  • How to tackle your waistline


  • It’s so easy to avoid

Quick Tip: Stop the pop

  • Drinking fizzy drinks could give you gout

Case Study – September 2008

  • Multiple miscarriages


  • How to cut the risks in 6 easy steps

– Quick Tip: Fill up on soup

  • And lose more weight


  • The basics of preconception

Outwitting osteoporosis

  • Calcium and magnesium supplements

House plants

  • Protect your home with house plants

– Ask Marilyn:

Ingredient Spotlight:

  • Coconut – the health benefits

Monthly Meal Idea:

  • Fruit and nut cookies

Coming Next Month (October 2008)

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