Contents Page – November 2008


In the News: recent progress in the world of health

–  Case Study

  • This month’s case study is 40 year old ‘Nicola’ who came to the Clinic for help with her skin

Don’t Let Your Diet Fail

  • Ten Common Mistakes Women Make

Breast discomfort

  • Natural treatments

– Ask Marilyn:

Ingredient Spotlight:

  • tomatoes

Monthly Meal Idea:

  • Vegetable Casserole

Menopause diet spotlight

  • Essential fatty acids

– Immunity

  • Boosting Your Immunity with Lifestyle Choices 


  • Eliminate toxins and boost your fertility

Outwitting osteoporosis

  • Boron and zinc

– Discovering herbs

  • Oat straw

Quick Tip: Sniff a lemon

  • Sniff a ripe lemon as the scent of citrus fruits can increase alertness

Quick Tip: Stand on your head

  • Turning yourself upside down can boost memory and alertness

Coming Next Month (December 2008)

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